Update: B.A.P Drops Second MV Teaser For “WAKE ME UP”

Updated March 3 KST:

B.A.P has dropped their second version of their “WAKE ME UP” MV trailer!

Check it out below:


B.A.P has released a MV teaser for “WAKE ME UP” as well as their album cover images.

The group has been teasing their comeback with individual teaser images and a group teaser image. Their comeback album “Rose” will be their 6th single album since their debut in 2012. The group most recently released their second full studio album “Noir” in November of 2016.

Rose BAP

Furthermore, it was announced earlier that Bang Yong Guk will be returning for B.A.P’s promotions for “Rose.” The artist was diagnosed with panic disorder this past October and took a break from B.A.P activities in order to focus on his treatment.

According to the teaser and to their comeback schedule, B.A.P’s new single album “Rose” is set to be released on March 7th.

Watch the teaser below!

*Update: This article has been edited to correct B.A.P’s debut date.