Birthday Scene In “Defendant” Written To Celebrate Ji Sung’s Actual Birthday

In the 11th episode of “Defendant,” which aired on February 27, Ji Sung’s character was surprised by his cellmates, who celebrated his birthday with him. His cellmates said, “Your birthday was last week, right? We were going to celebrate your birthday next year instead but, since you’re leaving soon, we decided to do something for you now. We hope you find your daughter and the real criminal as well.” Although the cake was put together haphazardly, Ji Sung’s character was still very moved by their efforts.


Even more touching is the fact that February 27 was Ji Sung’s actual birthday and the writers of “Defendant” decided to put in the birthday scene in order to celebrate the hardworking actor’s birthday.

A representative stated, “Since the shoot took place two weeks before the broadcast, most of the actors didn’t realize they were filming a scene that was meant to celebrate Ji Sung’s actual birthday.”

The representative continued, “Yesterday, all of the actors and staff members of the drama celebrated Ji Sung’s birthday with a cake. Since he’s so busy with his shooting schedule and doesn’t have a lot of time for himself, Ji Sung was very touched by their actions.”

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