Dynamic Duo’s Choiza Talks About How He And Sulli Inspire Each Other

Dynamic Duo’s Choiza detailed how his long-time girlfriend Sulli inspires his music!

On February 28, MBC Every1’s “Video Star” aired a special entitled “Ride the Rhythm Duo – Strongest Confidence,” with Choiza and Gaeko of Dynamic Duo as guests.

During the episode, the two talked about their songs that spurred from experiences with their significant others. Gaeko shared how the song “Guilty” was born, explaining, “During a heavy argument when [my wife and I] were dating, I blurted out the words ‘I’m the guilty one.’ I thought it would be nice to write that as a lyric, that I even forgot what we were fighting about and noted it down.”

sulli dynamic duo choiza

Choiza chimed in, “Me too. Even if I’m out getting a massage, if I think of a really good song, I hurriedly record it for a future sampling.”

He continued, “I gain a lot of inspiration from my girlfriend. In relationships, of course there are good times as well as times when you fight. There are many love songs among my tracks, so a lot of them contain feelings about my relationship. My girlfriend and I give each other inspiration.”

Which songs do you think have been directly inspired by Sulli?

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