KBS Deems Brave Girls’ Upcoming Track “Rollin'” Unfit For Broadcast; Agency Responds

KBS has decided that group Brave Girls’ new title track “Rollin” is unfit for broadcast.

According to their findings, the broadcasting station deemed that a certain part of the lyrics containing a slang word for “embarrassment” was vulgar, which lead to their ultimate decision.

The song may air after proper changes, but until then, “Rollin'” will not be allowed to air or be performed on any broadcast under KBS.

A source from their agency Brave Entertainment stated, “We will revise the part of the lyrics that was deemed unfit for broadcast by KBS, and plan to have it re-evaluated afterwards.”

“Rollin’,” both the song and mini album of the same name, will be released on March 7 at midnight KST. Brave Girls will be returning as a five-membered group, and have already released the first teaser images for their comeback.

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