BTS Members Become Pokémon Go Characters Thanks To Rap Monster

Popular mobile game Pokémon Go is now available in Korea and it looks like BTS’s Rap Monster is enjoying the game!

The BTS leader uploaded screenshots of various Pokémon he has captured and renamed after his fellow members.

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First, he shared two Pokémon named after Jimin and Jungkook. Natu and Qwilfish have been named after Jimin. Do you see a resemblance? Meanwhile, Igglypuff hilariously represents small Jungkook while Machoke represents big Jungkook.

Rap Monster also found lookalike Pokémon for members V and Suga. Aipom reflects V’s playful nature while Farfetch’d is described as “Cooking King Tae Tae.” Lastly, Quagsire has been renamed “Gentle Suga.”

Do you like the Pokémon Go references? Which character would you pick for Jin?