Super Junior’s Leeteuk Expresses Frustration Over Fans Calling Due To Leaked Number

Super Junior’s Leeteuk has gotten his phone number leaked again.

On March 1, Leeteuk shared on his Instagram and Twitter, “I’m okay with everything, but please stop calling and messaging me after midnight. I think my number was leaked overseas. I need to start filming early in the morning, so please stop after this time. Do it in the afternoon, please.”

As the artist stated, it seems like his phone number has been leaked. He was in a similar situation back in 2012.

During that time, Leeteuk had said, “I received a message that said, ‘Personal information has been leaked.’ I’m not even surprised. It happens all the time, but I don’t feel great about it. The police said that my personal information was leaked and the investigation has been handed over to them, but I know that [my personal information] will be leaked again some time. A call will come as soon as I change my number.”

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