Watch: IMFACT Prepares Special Confessions For Their Fans In Honor Of 400 Days Since Debut

Continuing with their theme of first loves and confessions from their February release, IMFACT has revealed a special surprise for all of their fans!

March 2 marks 400 days since the group has debuted with their single album “Lollipop” on January 27, 2016.

The video starts off with a stream of text that says, “January 27, 2016 was the first time that girl came into my heart. And she was my first love. Hopefully, I can confess to her. I pray to the heavens for their permission. On a day that was just alright, today which marks 400 days since I’ve met her, I want to tell her that all the days we’ve spent together have been blindingly bright. Right now.”

It then focuses on each member as they turn to the “girl,” or the camera in this case, and shyly confess. As the “girl” actually represents their fans, the video is set up so it feels like IMFACT is actually confessing to the viewer.

Leesang plays a fellow student who suddenly confesses, “My answer is always you. I hope I’m your answer too,” while studying. After getting the girl her favorite drink, hot chocolate, Taeho carefully asks, “Do you want to try meeting each other seriously?”

Meanwhile, Jian and Ungjae both confess outside, with Jian sweetly saying, “You might not be my first love, but will you become my last?” and Ungjae taking a more playful approach by saying “Let’s date,” after teasing the girl about how she should have a boyfriend but doesn’t.

Jeup rounds out the confessions with a unique event involving a sketchbook, as he holds out messages across the street. He shows messages that say, “IF! Can you see this?…Please become my eternal love. I’m still a little clumsy about all of this, but please always stay by my side.”

Watch the adorable video below (as well as the extra NG clips) below, and congratulations to IMFACT and IFs!