Watch: MONSTA X’s Shownu Is A “Goblin” Ready On Call To Apply Blush For DIA’s Yebin

First there was the “Goblin”-themed fast food commercial, and now there’s one for make-up.

In a recent commercial for a makeup brand, MONSTA X’s Shownu and DIA’s Yebin teamed up for an amusingly accurate parody of tvN’s “Goblin.”

They act out all the iconic scenes from the drama, like Yebin calling Shownu with the simple twist of a bottle, instead of blowing out a flame. As expected, the nail polish-looking bottle is the product the commercial is trying to sell, a liquid blush.

Even their lines have changed appropriately, as Shownu thinks to himself “I’ve waited 900 years for this moment where I apply your blush,” while, to no one’s surprise, he applies the liquid on her cheeks.

Ironically, the most remembered line of the whole drama is also hilariously parodied, as Shownu’s continues to think, “All the blush that’s been on you was blindingly bright. Because it was pink, because it wasn’t pink, because the pink was just right. I liked your lovable cheeks.”

Watch the adorable yet funny commercial below and let us know what you think!

Thanks to desikyu for the tip!

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