VARSITY’s Manny Is The First Known Muslim K-Pop Idol

The diversity within VARSITY is no secret, but the group also boasts the first known Muslim K-pop idol!

During an interview conducted right outside of the building where “Music Bank” is filmed, the boy group was talking about how they were going to go eat kimchi stew for breakfast. As the food item typically includes pork in many places, VARSITY then unexpectedly revealed that “one of our members actually can’t eat pork,” and named Manny.

Member Manny and the others explained that he couldn’t because he’s Muslim, and would probably eat rolled egg omelettes instead. The Chinese member also added that he could also eat chicken, although the mic didn’t manage to pick it up.

Manny is VARSITY’s youngest member, born on November 17, 2001. He has been a model from a young age, and has been training to be a singer and actor since his childhood years as well.

The group debuted on January 5 with “U R My Only One,” and has been gaining attention for the members’ diverse background. While they consist of seven Korean members and five Chinese members, several of them grew up in other places such as Dubai. This unique mix allows for the group to communicate with their fans in Korean, English, Chinese, Arabic, and French.

Very cool to see the K-pop industry slowly become more diverse as its music becomes more popular worldwide!

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