UKISS’ Soohyun Honestly Talks About How He Felt After Finding Out About Eli’s Marriage

UKISS’ Soohyun recently had a chance to share his thoughts on Eli’s marriage.

On the March 1 episode of KBS 2TV’s “Mr. House Husband” (working title) season 2, UKISS members Soohyun and Jun visited fellow member Eli’s house to see his family.

During the episode, Eli talked about his marriage, saying, “I couldn’t give [her] a wedding but I wanted to do everything else, so we took a lot of wedding photos. I want to [hold a wedding ceremony] soon.” His wife added, “He’s still [a member] of an actively promoting group but if there was a wedding I would feel bad.”

UKISS Eli Soohyun

In response, member Soohyun commented, “In the beginning, I was honestly really disappointed in Eli. The timing and the way he went about it wasn’t great.”

Through his interview, Eli said, “I always carry an apologetic heart. They must have been really disappointed, but I’m really grateful for the support from fans and my members.”

His wife also said, “In the beginning, I felt bad in regards to the members, but after we had the baby, I started to really feel apologetic to their parents. They worked so hard to raise their sons to become cool idol singers, so it must have been upsetting to see something like that happen because of someone else.”

Soohyun then encouraged everyone, saying, “Honestly there was some damage because we’re idols, but overtime we’ve become stronger, and I believe that if we work hard then the disappointed fans will return.”

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