EXO’s Lay Is Asked To Share His Thoughts On Luhan’s Recent Track Regarding Sasaengs

EXO’s Lay recently talked about former EXO member Luhan’s latest track release.

According to a Chinese media source on March 1, Lay participated in an event on February 28 and was asked to share what he thought about Luhan’s newly released track “Roleplay.” Luhan was revealed to have written the lyrics for his new song, which seem to criticize sasaengs.

“I really do not know what happened,” Lay stated. “I think it’s hard for everyone. I hope everyone understands each other and is patient with each other.”

Meanwhile, the lyrics for Luhan’s new song seem to be directed towards sasaengs with phrases like, “Don’t mess with me, you don’t want no problem,” and “You just wanna play a game. I can see through. Don’t pretend to be innocent.”

Check out Luhan’s music video for “Roleplay” below!

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