10 Korean Songs You Need On Your Coffee Shop Playlist

Coffee shops: they’re the perfect place to catch up with friends, study for your next test, crank out some work from the office, or just relax and enjoy a warm drink. And of course, you need the right soundtrack to accompany you through your café sessions. Think mellow tones and smooth beats — music that goes perfectly with a steaming mug of coffee or your favorite frappuccino.

In no particular order, here are 10 songs from various Korean pop and indie artists that would be excellent additions to any coffee shop playlist:

Eddy Kim ft. Lee Sung Kyung – “My Lips Warm Like Coffee”

What better way to kick off your café playlist than a song that has coffee in the title? Eddy Kim and Lee Sung Kyung’s voices blend perfectly in this mellow duet.

Bolbbalgan4 – “Galaxy”

It’s been several months since the rising stars of Bolbbalgan4 released this song, but you can still hear it playing in almost any Korean coffee shop! And with good reason — it’s a sweet and peppy tune that will energize you as you work or study at a café!

NELL – “Green Nocturne”

This song from one of Korea’s most well-known and long-running indie bands is a great accompaniment for your coffee-shop studying or socializing. Or perhaps you can listen to it and get lost in a daydream, imagining yourself wandering through the many landscapes of Seoul.

IU – “The Shower”

The twinkling notes of the guitar, combined with IU’s sweet voice, make this song a lovely addition to your café soundtrack!

10cm – “Missing You”

If you’re wishing a certain someone were by your side in the coffee shop, perhaps you can have all the feels while listening to this song by 10cm — and maybe treat yourself to a sweet drink or pastry to soothe the pangs in your heart.

Akdong Musician – “Live”

Jazz up your café playlist with this tune from everyone’s favorite sibling duo! This song features a syncopated beat and, of course, the perfect harmonies of Akdong Musician.

Eric Nam – “Interview”

Part of the cute lyric video for this song even takes place in a coffee shop! But it’s up to you to decide if the thought of Eric Nam sitting across from you inspires you to work harder, or causes you to slip into daydreams…

MAMAMOO – “My Hometown”

Our favorite beagles also have a mellow side, at least in their music! If your job or school has taken you far from home and you’re feeling a little nostalgic, let the sleek harmonies of MAMAMOO carry your thoughts as you sip your coffee and think fondly of your hometown.

Taeyeon – “11:11”

Taeyeon’s lovely voice and the warm, acoustic vibe of this song makes “11:11” a perfect addition to any coffee shop playlist. (But hopefully, if you are in a coffee shop at 11:11, it’s a.m., not p.m.!)

Jonghyun – “Maybe Tomorrow”

If you’re feeling tired at the end of a long work session, pat yourself on the back for checking some things off of your to-do list and let this song remind you that it’s okay to push some things off until tomorrow…at least sometimes!

Soompiers, what are your favorite Korean songs to listen to while you’re at a coffee shop?

minjiya can usually be found writing in a cafe, blasting K-pop dance tunes to motivate herself through long runs outside, or plotting her escape from the midwest. Say hello/send her a gif on Twitter @yaminjiya.

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