KNK Announces Official Fan Club Colors On 1st Anniversary

It has been exactly one year since boy group KNK made their debut, and the guys are currently celebrating on Twitter!

At midnight KST on March 3, the official KNK Twitter account shared an anniversary image of the members alongside a special message to their fan club, Tinkerbell. The caption reads, “Today is one year since KNK’s debut! Thank you to Tinkerbell who are always cheering us on!”

In a later tweet, the group announced their fan club’s official colors, rose gold and twinkle silver!

In addition, KNK surprised fans with a video clip of member Inseong covering Eric Benet’s “Still With You.” Alongside the video is a personal message from Inseong himself. “Thank you so much for congratulating us on our one year anniversary. I’ve prepared a calming song so you can sleep well,” he writes.

Congratulations to KNK on a successful year!