TWICE Gets 2nd Win For “Knock Knock” On “Music Bank,” Performances By Taeyeon, Lovelyz, gugudan, And More

The March 3 episode of KBS2’s “Music Bank” had TWICE’s “Knock Knock” and BTS’ “Spring Day” as contenders for first place. TWICE’s “Knock Knock” ended up winning with 12,175 points making it their second music show win with their latest title track. The members thanked their company, staff, stylists, and fans. During the encore, the members tried Nayeon’s choreography and celebrated their win with the MCs on stage.

Congratulations to TWICE!

Watch their performance, win, and encore below!

Today’s episode featured performances from B.I.G, BP RANIA, NCT DREAM, SF9, The Ray, VAV, VICTON, Gavy NJ, gugudan, DreamCatcher, Lovelyz, MASC, Melody Day, 100%, Cosmic Girls, Jang Yoon Jung, CROSS GENE, Taeyeon, TWICE, and Hong Jin Young.

Watch performances below!

Taeyeon – “Fine”

Lovelyz – “Cameo” and “WoW!”

Jang Yoon Jung – “Cherry Blossom Road”

Hong Jin Young – “Loves Me, Loves Me Not”

Melody Day – “Kiss on the Lips”

100% – “Sketch U”


B.I.G – “1.2.3”

Cosmic Girls – “I Wish”

NCT DREAM – “My First and Last”

SF9 – “Roar”

gugudan – “One Step Closer” and “A Girl Like Me”

MASC – “Tina”

The Ray – “Nostalgia”

BP RANIA – “Make Me Ah”

VAV – “Venus”

DreamCatcher – “Chase Me”

CROSS GENE – “Black or White”

Gavy NJ – “An Obvious Melo”

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