Watch: BTS Battles The Claw Machine For Their Fans In “Idol Arcade”

The members of BTS channeled their inner kids as they tackled a claw machine.

In a video titled “Idol Arcade: What if BTS Members Go to the Arcade?” the members are given the mission to get as many dolls as they can from a claw machine. Told that the dolls would be given out to their fans, BTS gets a little too enthusiastic, even going so far as to opening up the machine to place dolls in the ideal position to maximize their success rate and giving the claw a helping hand.

Every time they pick a doll, they have to complete a mission to earn the doll, and these range from talking with a dialect, maintaining eye contact with the camera for five seconds, and in Jimin’s case, inhaling helium and performing a verse from “Spring Day.”

The members split up into two teams to see who is the ultimate claw machine expert, and the competition heats up with lots of shouting and sabotaging.

Check out the video (don’t forget to turn on the subtitles so you don’t miss a thing) and watch the boys of BTS have a great time together!