Kim Rae Won Talks About How He Felt After Watching His Own Kiss Scene In “Doctors”

Actor Kim Rae Won talked about how he feels embarrassed for having the nickname “Master of Kissing.”

On March 3, the actor participated in a Naver V Live event for his upcoming film “Prison” alongside director Na Hyun and actors Han Suk Kyu, Jung Woong In, and Shin Sung Rok. Their upcoming film “Prison” tells the story of prisoners who go out at night in order to create a perfect crime.

Kim Rae Won

During the event, Kim Rae Won’s nickname “Master of Kissing” was brought up as they talked about related search terms, and he was asked the question, “Do you have any tips for kiss [scenes]?”

In response, Kim Rae Won expressed his embarrassment and said, “I don’t have anything like that. The director creates the scene well, and the appropriate timing of music has an affect as well.” He then honestly talked about the kiss scene in his previous drama SBS’s “Doctors,” saying, “I saw the kiss scene too and it was cheesy and nice. My heart fluttered from [watching] my own kiss scene.”

Meanwhile, you can watch the first episode of Kim Rae Won’s drama “Doctors” here.

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