NCT’s Doyoung Has Gong Myung Sweating Bullets As They Spend Time With Jung Hye Sung

The meeting between NCT’s Doyoung, his brother Gong Myung, and his “We Got Married” sister-in-law Jung Hye Sung has finally taken place!

His appearance was initially teased by the couple on their Instagram accounts, with Gong Myung posting a photo with the caption, “My little brother is going to appear on ‘We Got Married’ today~~~ I’m definitely going to be watching today’s show. #Let’s all watch it together.”

Jung Hye Sung also posted a photo saying that a special guest would be visiting the couple’s house, along with a slew of funny hashtags like, “#Him just coming empty handed and breathing is a gift #Not only am I the oldest of the three, but I also have the biggest head #It’s okay, my grandma told me when I was little that everything is better when it’s bigger.”

When the time came for the actual meeting to happen, Jung Hye Sung wanted to make sure that her brother-in-law had the best day ever. She surprised everyone when she prepared 21 dishes, including seafood stew, steak, buttery abalone, and pan-fried mackerel.

Jung Hye Sung Gong Myung

Doyoung arrived as the food was put on the table, and he couldn’t hold back his surprise and wonder at all the food laid out. He said, “I’ve never had a meal like this before,” and began stuffing his face. While eating, he asked if he could slowly eat everything on the table, and Jung Hye Sung replied, “Of course, this is all for you. Take your time and enjoy every dish.”

Gong Myung NCT Doyoung Jung Hye Sung

After he was done eating, Doyoung carried through with his recent promise and revealed just how popular his brother used to be. The idol stated, “He was so popular. At least five people would bow to say hello whenever he walked past, so his nickname used to be ‘The Mayor of Guri.’ This is the first time I’m saying this in front of him, but he used to be a part of Topyung High School’s F4.”

NCT Doyoung

He also added, “There used to be so many girls who wanted to go out with him but couldn’t muster up the courage to ask him out. He used to have a god-like status in school. You’ve married a god.”

Gong Myung was sweating bullets at his brother’s revelations, but Doyoung knew how to play the room when he said to Jung Hye Sung, “But I think you’re the prettiest girlfriend he’s ever had.”

Gong Myung Jung Hye Sung 2

Check out their fun time together in the most recent episode of “We Got Married” below!

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