2PM’s Jun. K Reassures Fans With First Video Message Since Accident

Following his first personal social media update after his accident, 2PM’s Jun. K (Kim Min Joon) has posted a video message to his fans.

The video was uploaded to his Instagram account on March 4 and in it, Jun. K says, “Hello, everyone. It’s Min Joon. I know that I surprised and worried you all. I’m really sorry about that, and I’m recovering quickly so you shouldn’t worry about me. I hope to greet you again with good news soon.”

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In the video, Jun. K can be seen wearing a cast on his finger, and a sling on his arm as he fractured his elbow and one of his fingers when he fell off the stage during 2PM’s concert. JYP has since announced that 2PM’s upcoming concerts have been cancelled to give Jun. K time to heal from his injuries.

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