Director Of “Reply” Series To Hand-Pick His Own Cast For New Prison Drama

Earlier this year the producing director (PD) of the hit “Reply” series, Shin Won Ho, announced that he would be taking on a new prison drama.

The 16-episode drama features Shin Won Ho and “Reply” writer Lee Woo Jung as creative directors, Shin Won Ho and a junior PD as directors, and other “Reply” writer Jung Bo Hoon as scriptwriter.

As the “Reply” series often launches young actors into the spotlight, much attention has been focused on the potential cast for the new prison drama. However, the PD and the writers have said that they will be moving in a new direction. The “Reply” series selected candidates who then sent in auditions, but the new prison drama will be hand-picked by the production staff.

“We will be choosing actors that 100 percent synchronize with the role,” the production staff said.

They have also stated that the script will be kept under wraps for the foreseeable future, as opposed to the “Reply” series which sometimes had leaks of the script during the broadcast.

Shin Won Ho said, “I chose a prison to look at the lives of people different from the ‘Reply’ series. It’s not about false charges or escaping jail, but a look at the lives of people in prison. A prison is a kind of unknown place. When I was looking for fresh material, I thought of prisons. I want to show how people in prisons live through an episodic format.”

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