Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Thanks Red Velvet For Their Late-Night Show Of Support

There’s nothing but love between Red Velvet and Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon.

On March 5, Taeyeon posted a couple of photos with the girl group on her Instagram account with the caption, “Our sweeties have appeared. I’m so happy thanks to my beautiful juniors who came to support me, despite it being half past four in the morning. They make me want to do better.”

She also added, “They say that our Joy is currently filming her drama. Thank you, my girls. #redvelvet #Happy birthday Yeri #My babies #Kiss kiss”

The photos show Taeyeon and the members of Red Velvet holding up Taeyeon’s new album, “My Voice.” Taeyeon’s facial expressions show how happy she is about Red Velvet’s support for her.

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