Song Ji Hyo’s Beauty Shines Through Despite Her Shocking New Hairstyle In “Running Man”

Song Ji Hyo is set to get an “ahjumma perm” in the upcoming episode of SBS’s “Running Man.”

On this day, the actress is tasked with visiting a local hairdresser for a mission, and she surprises everyone by coming back out looking nothing like she did when she went in.

Song Ji Hyo Ji Suk Jin

She ends up leaving the hairdressers with a full head of hair done up in strong, tight curls in the signature “ahjumma perm.” What’s funnier is that she doesn’t have enough time to take out all the perm rods, resulting in her running through the streets with perm rods stuck in random places in her hair.

Despite this, it was later said that the staff couldn’t help but be awed by the fact that Song Ji Hyo’s messy hair did nothing to detract from her shining beauty.

The reason why Song Ji Hyo had no choice but to get an “ahjumma perm” will be revealed on “Running Man,” which will air on March 5 at 6:25 p.m. KST.

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