9 Members Of “Boys24” Selected In First Semifinal Round

On March 5, “Boys24” held an event called the “BOYS24 Re:born the 1st Semi-final” in the Grand Peace Hall at Kyung Hee University in Seoul. Nine members were selected to be part of a promotional unit of the same name.


First to be selected was Park Doha. He said, “I want to tell the other boys to not give up and keep working hard until the end. I’m glad that I can share this happy moment with my mom, dad, my brother and my sisters, and everyone who has supported me without fail. Rather than going as fast as I can, I will head towards my dreams on steady feet.”

Next up was Jin Sungho, who thanked his fans. “I worried and waited a long time for this day but I’m happy that I could get a good result. Thank you. After ‘Boys24’ started, every day has been a happy one, and standing on stage and meeting our fans has been fun. Thank you to my parents as well.”

Third was Hwang Inho, who had tears in his eyes as he went up to speak. “I refuse to cry on stage,” he said however, and added, “I love my parents and family and I’m so grateful to all of you who have chosen me for the team. I won’t disappoint you.”

Fourth was Oh Jinseok, who shed tears while saying, “First of all I’m so grateful, and I want to tell my mom and dad I’m grateful too. It feels like it’s taken a lon time to get there. They say that the beginning is 50 percent of the show, but I feel like I haven’t shown everyone even half of what I can do. I will work hard to show the best side of me that I can.”

Fifth was Kim Sunghyun. He said, “When I work hard, I try to set a goal, and when I prepared for this semifinal, I thought to myself, ‘If I work hard and don’t make it, that’s just how it is.’ I’m grateful to the fans and my father for helping me make it one step further. I will work hard to promote the name ‘Boys24.'”

Sixth was Kim Yonghyun, who said, “Thank you. Mom, Dad, you’re watching, right? Since I’m part of the team I’ll work hard to be the kind of person that ‘Boys24’ won’t be ashamed of. Thank you to the hard-working staff as well.”

Seventh was Jeong Yeontae, who said, “I thought that I wouldn’t make it and didn’t anticipate anything but I’m so grateful. I normally have trouble telling my parents I love them, but I love you, and I’m grateful to my fans and all fans of ‘Boys24.’ I will repay your faith in me.”

Yoo Youngdoo was the eighth and last of the fan-chosen members on the team. “I didn’t expect this at all but thank you for choosing me. I’m glad that I worked hard. To prepare for this performance, the members and staff worked hard so I’m grateful, and I’m grateful to the fans. I love my parents, even though my dad said he was going to go mountain climbing today.”

Shinhwa’s Shin Hye Sung, who was a mentor on the broadcast of “Boys24,” was given the task of announcing the final member, who was chosen by the staff. He said, “These boys have done concerts since the broadcast ended up until now. To tell the truth, at first they were awkward and nervous, but after half a year they have matured a lot. It was nice to see them enjoying the chemistry with the audience and I hope they can do just as well going forward. These nine members will start broadcast promotions together soon, but I hope they don’t forget the skills they’ve developed through performing. I will always cheer these boys on.”

The ninth member was Han Hyun Wook, who said, “I am lacking compared to the members who were chosen [by fans] and I feel sorry to them for being the one picked by someone else. I will work hard so that I don’t embarrass anyone. Thank you.”

“Boys24” aired as a Mnet survival program from June to August 2016. At the end, 27 members were chosen to perform a series of concerts. This is the first promotional unit from the group, which will continue to revise its lineup through semifinal and final rounds until selecting their final members later this year.

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Edit: A previous version of this article mistakenly referred to the group as the final lineup in “Boys24.” 

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