EXID’s Hani Explains How She Earned Her Mother’s Approval To Be A Singer

EXID’s Hani retold how she finally received approval from her parents on her career choice.

On the March 5 broadcast of SBS variety show “Flower Crew,” Hani teamed up with Ahn Jung Hwan. As they sat in a car, he asked, “What’s one of the advantages of becoming a singer?”

Hani responded, “I feel like I’ve kind of become a daughter my parents can be proud of.”

She happily added, “My real name is Hee Yeon. But when we’re in a restaurant, my dad calls me Hani because he wants to show off.”

exid hani ahn jung hwan

The singer explained, “Before, no one recognized me even though I was a celebrity. I left [home] on my own to work [as a singer] so I felt sorry for not having any achievements.”

She said, “My mom and dad were extremely against it, so my mom gave me a time limit of three years. I promised that if I didn’t succeed after three years, I would stop [singing] without regrets.

However, Hani continued, “Right just before three years, things turned out great. Since I was doing well, my mom said, ‘I approve. I was wrong.’ I got goosebumps then. It was the best. I was prouder than when anyone else said that. I think the person I most wanted to be acknowledged by was my mom.”

Meanwhile, EXID is going strong, having recently celebrated their fifth anniversary in February.

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