Seungjae Adorably Tries To Convince His Father To Feed Him Dog Treats

Seungjae tried to persuade Go Ji Yong into giving him dog treats in the cutest way!

On the March 5 episode of KBS2’s “The Return of Superman,” Go Ji Yong discovered Seungjae’s appetite for their office dog Jerry’s snacks.

Go Ji Yong explained, “He was originally a company employee’s dog, but we grew so fond of him, we started raising him in the office. The employee is going on a business trip this week so I’m looking after the dog.”

During the show, the employee showed Jerry’s tricks to Go Ji Yong and Seungjae, while giving him dog treats as rewards. However, when Jerry successfully gave Seungjae a high-five, Seungjae decided to eat the treat himself, and exclaimed, “It tastes good.”

seungjae go ji yong

Seeing this, the employee laughed and explained, “People can eat this though. These are homemade snacks.”

When Seungjae asked for another treat, Go Ji Yong was flustered and tried to reason with Seungjae, saying, “Is it delicious? This isn’t for you to eat. If Jerry ate your chocolate or your candy, would you like that?”

Seungjae said, “Of course not,” so Go Ji Yong responded, “Right? Jerry doesn’t like it when you eat his treats either.”

seungjae go ji yong 2

However, unable to resist, Seungjae got caught in the act taking a treat from Jerry’s plate.

When Seungjae went as far as saying he likes the treats more than his own candy, Go Ji Yong asked, “Are you a puppy?”

Seungjae then nodded and answered, “Yes. Woof woof,” causing Go Ji Yong to burst into laughter.

Catch more of Seungjae’s adorable antics in the latest “The Return of Superman” episode below!

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