Michelle Lee On Overcoming The Discrimination She Faces Due To Her Skin Color

Michelle Lee has become a symbol of confidence and optimism through her candidness on television as well as her general carriage and attitude.

In an interview with Xportsnews, she said, “I’m very free and optimistic. If something bad happens, I do whatever I can to find a solution. Of course, there are times when the bad feelings fester, but no matter what, I think good thoughts and try not to be disappointed about anything. At first I told myself it was mind control, but now it’s become my way of life.”

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Previously, on a recent episode of “Hello Counselor” aired on February 20, Michelle Lee spoke about being treated differently due to the color of her skin: people would avoid sitting next to her on the bus, or her friends’ parents would tell her friends not to touch her because she was “dirty.” She said, “I’ve been discriminated against since I was young because of my skin color, but with my family and friends, I’ve overcome it.”

“There were a lot of articles about that [show]. Now, I don’t even pay attention [to the discrimination] and the people around me don’t tell me to hang in there anymore. (laughs) Because they know that it doesn’t affect me anymore.”

Michelle Lee went on to say that while it was hard as a child, and that even now there are people that don’t accept her, she has no ill feelings toward those people. “I just think, ‘Oh, that person must not like me,’ and that’s that. You can’t be loved by everybody. I found that it doesn’t bother me.”

Michelle Lee is currently starring in the musical “Nunsense 2.” The show’s run recently ended in Seoul, and the musical will be headed to Jeju Island for more shows in April.

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