Song Hye Kyo Shares Her Honest Take On Relationships And Breakups

Song Hye Kyo goes all in when it comes to love.

At an interview with W Korea, Song Hye Kyo candidly responded to a question asking how optimistic she is about love.

She said, “In terms of doing my best in love, I’d say I’m quite optimistic about it. When I’m in a relationship, I give it my all, and I don’t look back once it’s over. Because I do everything I can while I’m dating the person, I don’t have any regrets or lingering feelings [after we break up]. If the relationship didn’t work out despite my efforts, I’m able to accept that it just wasn’t for me.”

Revealing her refreshingly honest opinion on breakups , she continued, “Articles regarding celebrity breakups always claim that the celebrities will ‘maintain a good relationship as colleagues.’ But in reality, wouldn’t they become strangers? How indifferent would you have to be to remain as close colleagues? If you break up with someone, shouldn’t you avoid them forever? I think that’s best for the next people you’ll be dating, too.”

“As my friends and I would say, ‘Even if you were madly in love with someone at the time, once you break up, they’re even worse than your next-door neighbor. At least your neighbor can come over and hammer a nail in your wall for you if you ask them to,'” she added.

Do you agree with her?

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