Taeyeon Shares What She Was Most Worried About For Her Recent Solo Comeback

On March 6, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon appeared as a guest on the SBS Power FM radio show “Park So Hyun’s Love Game.”

On the show she had braided her hair into pigtails and said, “I don’t often do this. Only on special days, and today is that day.”


Taeyeon recently made a solo comeback with her first full-length solo studio album, “My Voice.” When asked what she was worried about most, she said, “Rather than worry about the genre or things like that, I thought about whether I could survive among the many younger girl groups who were working hard and promoting at the same time as me.”

Park So Hyun gave her some encouraging words, saying, “You filled an entire album with just your own voice, no other featuring artists, and got an all-kill. That’s really amazing.”

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