6 Reasons You Should Watch “The K2”

The K2” hit tvN with 16 episodes of political intrigue, Ji Chang Wook in action, and charming romance, not to mention the brilliant Song Yoon Ah and acting powerhouse Jo Sung Ha. Along with beautiful cinematography, a dramatic OST, and some amazing fight scenes, these actors present a drama that you should definitely watch.

The story


Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) is framed for murdering his girlfriend by some very powerful, very shady people. His quest to prove his innocence lands him in the middle of a dangerous political battle. Initially, he becomes a bodyguard for the ambitious Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yoon Ah). Yoo Jin’s husband, Jang Se Joon (Jo Sung Ha), is equally ambitious and has his eyes on the presidency. It is a purely political marriage, one that is marred by Se Joon’s illegitimate daughter, Go An Na (Yoona).

Je Ha is assigned to protect An Na, which naturally results in romance, but that isn’t all. All four of these main characters are steeped in dangerous, opposing ambitions. Throw Park Kwan Soo (Kim Kap Soo) in as Se Joon’s political rival and we have players in a fast race to the Blue House that has An Na and Je Ha as collateral damage. “The K2” is a drama that takes us through this quagmire with the amazing Ji Chang Wook at the helm.

Beautiful scenery


Last summer the production team took the leads of “The K2” to Spain to film and those scenes are some of the most beautiful in the drama. Old European architecture, winding roads in the Spanish countryside, and the beautiful Spanish language dot the first episodes and continue to do so throughout the drama. When filming returned to Korea, Director Kwak Jung Hwan (“Slave Hunters,” “Neighborhood Hero“) shot plenty of gorgeous Korean country views and cityscapes to add visual voice to “The K2.”

Powerhouse acting


Ji Chang Wook is the headliner in this drama, as strong as he was in “Healer” and with just as much charisma. His character, Je Ha, remains mysterious for much of the drama, giving Chang Wook little to work with, but he works it anyway. Then we have Song Yoon Ah. This woman captivates the screen and with a character as power-hungry and twisted as Choi Yoo Jin, Song Yoon Ah’s spot on performance was essential. It is she who glossed over any character inconsistencies and makes Yoo Jin worthy of sympathy despite her dubious dealings.

Yoona is a quiet presence in “The K2.” This doesn’t mean she was unimportant. Rather, it means that she had a very soft, frail character to play who steps up in her own way without needing the overt toughness of Yoo Jin or Je Ha. Juxtaposed with Yoona are the fierce performances by veterans Kim Kap Soo and Jo Sung Ha. They both play presidential hopefuls who will do almost anything to be on top. There is nothing unique about either character, but it is the energy and precision with which they convey the characters that makes them special.

Ji Chang Wook


I would be completely remiss not to mention Ji Chang Wook in his own category. He is good-looking, yes. But that isn’t what makes him spectacular. He works seamlessly with the actors around him, matching the older men in intensity and Song Yoon Ah in magnificence. Je Ha is a mystery that is hard to crack and still he makes viewers want to know more about him.

Ji Chang Wook’s action scenes


And if Ji Chang Wook gets his own category, his action-scene prowess does, too! After “Healer,” “Warrior Baek Dong Soo,” and more, it’s foolish not to give Ji Chang Wook action scenes. The man absolutely slays action, working hard enough to injure himself, and then working some more. He is viscously precise in execution while still packing the emotion of the situation in his expressions. His latest film, “Fabricated City,” had action as well. Don’t think this relegates Ji Chang Wook to action dramas and films only, though! He can pull anything off. We just love it when he can get a punch in!

Why you should watch “The K2”


Political thrillers usually end up being dramas that center purely around politics and become heavy because of it, or they lose their political edge as time goes on. Because of Song Yoon Ah, Jo Sung Ha, and Kim Kap Soo stepping into roles of politicians, they keep “The K2” from flagging too severely. Then we have the romance between Je Ha and An Na, a sweet, fluffy romance that doesn’t stray no matter the crazy circumstances that wrench them apart. Sure, this drama has a few silly bits, like a bunch of men battling it out in the buff in a bath house, but overall, it’s a must-watch!


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