GFRIEND Members Open Up About Their Friendly Rivalry With TWICE

GFRIEND sat down for an interview about their new album “The Awakening” and mentioned their friendly rivalry with TWICE.

Sowon started off by explaining, “We are good friends with the members of TWICE. I don’t really want to label them as rivals, but it’s better to have a rival than to not have one. We recently exchanged compliments about each other’s music videos through text messages. While we cheer each other on, they also drive us to work harder.”

“Although we’re around the same age, we each have different concepts and songs. As GFRIEND, we try to show everyone our unique colors so that they can see a variety of girls on TV,” added Umji.

Wrapping up the interview, they said, “In this comeback, instead of dwelling on how we do on the music charts, we are focusing more on showing a different side to us. But we’re still very happy that our song is receiving so much love.”

Meanwhile, GFRIEND will start promoting “Fingertip” with a performance on Mnet’s “M!Countdown” on March 9.

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