Nam Tae Hyun Warns Malicious Commenters That His Last Resort Will Involve The Police

Nam Tae Hyun has spoken out against his anti-fans.

On March 7, the former WINNER member posted a message on his Instagram, saying, “I’m going to say this clearly. I got a call from the police. They said that my fans reported on the people who wrote malicious comments and spread rumors, and they need my consensus on the issue.”

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Nam Tae Hyun stressed, “This is the last straw. Please stop spreading senseless rumors via Twitter, Instagram, and Instiz. Please delete them all. I’m going to keep an eye on this issue for a week and give [the police] my opinion then.”

The artist seems to have had enough of malicious comments and rumors surrounding him. Thanks to his fans, who reported this issue to the police, Nam Tae Hyun will now have the choice to handle this situation with the police or not.

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