Im Chang Jung Apologizes For His Criticized Insensitive Behavior Towards His Wife

Singer and actor Im Chang Jung has been criticized by the public for suggestively mistreating his wife, to whom he just got married to this year, and who will be giving birth to their child in May.

On March 6, Im Chang Jung posted a photo on Instagram of him and his wife driving. Along with the photo, he wrote, “Wife, chauffeur, pick up, pregnant. Will stop drinking tomorrow.”

After this photo was posted, netizens criticized the singer of being inconsiderate of his pregnant wife, “making her drive and posting a photo to show it off.”

Later, the artist responded to the criticism and apologized in an official statement that said, “I was coming back from a dinner I had with a close friend of mine near my house and my wife insisted that she’d drive for her own safety. I posted the photo with a bit of humor to update people on my daily happiness, but it created a misunderstanding and I am sorry for it. Also, thank you to those worrying about my wife’s safety. I will learn to respect my wife even more through this experience and I will never make her drive. I will spread more happiness to everyone when my child is born two months later.”

Im Chang Jung also clarified that he had never deleted his Instagram account, as many news outlets were reporting, but had deleted the photo in question.

#임창정 ㅠㅠ 일어나보니 댓글이 안좋길래..집사람 볼까봐 얼른 사진 내렸는데…그걸 우리 기자님들이 안놓치시고 실검 1위를 기어코 만드셨네요~^^ 함께 저녁식사후 집으로 오는길… 아내 자랑좀하고싶어 행복한 일상이라 생각하고 가볍게 올린사진인데 ~ 함께 기다렸다가 대리하지않고 아내를 운전시킨 제가 생각이 짧았네요~ㅠㅠ 사실은 어제 이사진 찍으면서 아내에게 다짐을 하나 했습니다… “당신과 아이들을 위해 이제 술 그만 마실께!!” 인스타에도 올려서 내가 술 끊은 거 많은사람들에게 알려 작심삼일이 되지않게하자란 취지로 올렸다는.. 술 끊는 날~ 기념되라고 찍은사진이 … 이렇게 많은 분들의 심려를 끼치게돼 송구스럽ㅠㅠ~ 사진 설명도 태그도 잘했어야~~ㅠㅠ 일이 너무 커져… 이제는 진짜 어디 숨어서 소주한잔도 못하게 생겼음요~ㅋㅋㅋㅋ!^^ 앞으로 사진 한장 올리더라도 좀더 신중하겠습니다~ 사진과 태그보고 불편하셨다면 진심으로 죄송합니다^^ 오늘 기분도 꿀꿀한데~소주나/”:;@?!,;:/ 아니지…… 금주해보겠습니다!!^^

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Moreover, Im Chang Jung also wrote an apology on his Instagram, and further elaborated, “I took this lightly and posted this photo as an update on my happy life, but it was my fault to have let my wife drive instead of me. Actually, I made a decision with my wife as I was taking this photo. I said, ‘I will stop drinking for you and my kids!!’ I uploaded this on Instagram to make my decision firm… I am so sorry to have made so many of you worry because of this. I should’ve wrote more descriptive tags, too. This issue became so big. I will take caution when uploading photos from now on!”

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