Update: MONSTA X Shares Shownu’s Individual Teasers And Group Photo For Comeback With “Beautiful”

Updated March 14 KST:

MONSTA X has now shared Shownu’s two teaser photos, as well as a group photo (above) for their return!

monsta x shownu 2 monsta x shownu 1

Updated March 13 KST:

Jooheon’s teaser photos for MONSTA X’s upcoming return have now been released!

monsta x jooheon

monsta x jooheon 2

Updated March 12 KST:

After revealing their track list yesterday, MONSTA X has released more individual teasers, featuring I.M this time around!

IM 2


Updated March 10 KST:

Kihyun is the next member to star in a set of beautiful teasers!


MONSTA X Kihyun 2

Updated March 9 KST:

Hyungwon is all lit up in MONSTA X’s latest batch of teasers!

monsta x hyungwon 1

monsta x hyungwon 2

Updated March 8 KST:

Wonho is the second member to feature in teasers for MONSTA X’s comeback!

monsta x wonho 1

monsta x wonho 2


MONSTA X has shared their first set of teaser photos for their comeback!

On March 7, the popular group released Minhyuk’s individual teasers for “The Clan Part 2.5: The Final Chapter ,” which is due out on March 21. In the photos, Minhyuk is dusted in glitter while looking dashing in a formal jacket as well as stunning shirtless.

monsta x minhyuk

monsta x minhyuk 2

According to the group’s comeback schedule, we can look forward to more teaser photos from MONSTA X over the next week!

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