10 Underrated Female Idols With Diva Voices

If you like diva voices, then you’ll definitely be a fan of Ailee, SISTAR’s Hyorin, and MAMAMOO. But, there are many female idols with powerful vocals just like them that go unnoticed. Here are 10 of these wonderful vocalists that deserve way more praise!

1. Seunghee (Oh My Girl)

Seunghee may look sweet, but her voice is tough and strong!

Just watch this cover of Beyoncé’s “Halo” to hear how awesome her vocals are!

2. Yuna (AOA)

Choa may be AOA’s main vocalist, but Yuna proves she has just as compelling a voice! Her version of CNBLUE’s “I’m Sorry” is wonderfully melancholy, showing you don’t have to belt out ballads for them to have an impact.

3. Yuju (GFRIEND)

There are no words to describe how strong Yuju’s voice is! Although she is the main vocalist, there aren’t many opportunities for her to showcase the extent of her talent.

Here’s another mind-blowing video of Yuju covering Mariah Carey’s “Hero”!

4. Nayoung (gugudan)

“Adrenaline” is a classic, sassy TaeTiSeo song, and Nayoung fits this concept perfectly! Her deeper tone is refreshing and unique. The only problem with this is cover is that it’s too short!

5. Siyeon (DreamCatcher)

Siyeon’s alluring voice matches the jazzy vibe of “City of Stars.” The simplicity of the song means we get to hear her raw talent.

Her recent cover of Crush’s OST hit “Beautiful” is also just as stunning as the original.

6. Seunghee (CLC)

Another Seunghee on this list! Her striking voice captures your attention instantly!

 Seunghee also covered Alicia Keys’s “If I Aint Got You,” and it’s wonderfully mesmerizing.

7. Hyerin (EXID)

EXID is full of brilliant vocalists, and Solji’s abilities are insane, but Hyerin is just as exceptional! Her adorable personality still manages to shine through whenever she performs, making it hard to believe that these intense vocals are coming from her!

8. Chaewon (APRIL)

“Cry Me Out” is a song that needs to be belted, and Chaewon does just that. Smiling throughout, she makes singing like this seem effortless.

This cover of “Love Fades” is unedited, raw, and passionate. The quality of Chaewon’s voice is absolutely captivating.

9. Dawon (Cosmic Girls)

Dawon has a sophisticated, mature sound to her voice. Her flawless vocals are a blessing to all who hear them!

And she needs to record a studio version of this snippet of Beyoncé’s “XO” ASAP.

10. High.D (SONAMOO)

Anyone attempting to sing Jennifer Hudson’s “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” is extremely brave. This song has impossible notes to hit and relentless emotions. SONAMOO’s High.D manages to reinvent it to suit her voice magnificently. This bold attempt shows off her masterful skills, which really need to be heard!

Which diva voice is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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