SHINee’s Key Confirmed To Star In Upcoming MBC Thriller Drama

SHINee’s Key is set to star in a new drama!

On March 8, a source from Key’s agency SM Entertainment stated, “SHINee’s Key will be appearing in the Monday-Tuesday MBC drama ‘Lookout.’ He will be starring in the drama as a hacker named Gong Kyung Soo.”

“Lookout” tells the story of ordinary people whose lives have been shattered after losing their loved ones through crimes. The drama will be showing how they gather together to stop the criminals who have not yet been caught by policemen and prosecutors. MBC has already confirmed Lee Si Young and Kim Young Kwang as the main leads, and the drama is set to air after “Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People.”

Key will be playing a genius hacker named Gong Kyung Soo and will be working with Lee Si Young’s character. The SHINee member previously received a positive response for his last role in tvN’s “Drinking Solo.”

Are you excited for his new role?

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