Lee Dong Wook Opens V Live Channel In Time For His Fan Meeting

On March 8, Lee Dong Wook’s management agency, King Kong Entertainment, released a statement saying, “Today, Lee Dong Wook opened a Naver V Live channel. We are planning on releasing parts of Lee Dong Wook’s “Asia Tour In Seoul” fan meeting through the channel as well.”

In his first V Live video, actor Lee Dong Wook said, “I am happy that I will be able to more closely interact with both domestic and international fans.”

He continued, “Fans will be able to partake in the fan meeting on March 12 through V Live. Through the broadcast, fans will be able to see not only behind-the-scenes footage from the event, but also parts of the actual fan meeting itself.”

As tickets for Lee Dong Wook’s fan meeting sold out in less than a minute, the V Live broadcast will hopefully partially relieve the disappointment of the many fans who will not be able to attend the fan meeting in person. The March 12 fan meeting is the first of his Asia tour, through which he will host fan meetings in 7 different countries.

Meanwhile, Lee Dong Wook took a stand against illegal ticketing methods after his fan meeting sold out in less than a minute and recently clarified the story of how he was cast as the Grim Reaper in tvN’s “Goblin.”

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