KBS Reportedly Deems GOT7’s And Brave Girls’ New Tracks Unfit For Broadcast

It looks like KBS has announced their decisions on songs from Brave Girls, GOT7, and Hanhae.

According to a report, Brave Girls’ new song “Don’t Rush,” which was recently ruled as unfit for broadcast, failed to pass KBS’s review on March 8 once more. However, their title track “Rollin,'” which was also sent in for reconsideration, was able to pass through.

Tracks by GOT7 and rapper Hanhae also reportedly failed to pass the review. KBS judged that a song from GOT7’s upcoming album could not be broadcast due to the mention of specific product brands. The lyrics to “Shopping Mall’ reportedly includes lyrics suggesting specific outlet stores. Hanhae’s new track was also unable to pass the review due to profane and vulgar expression.

Meanwhile, out of 210 songs that were up for review, 15 songs were deemed unfit.

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