B.A.P Picks The Sexiest Member And Talks About Changing Their Title Track Four Times

On March 7, B.A.P met fans through Naver’s V Live in a comeback broadcast for their new single album “Rose.” The concept for the broadcast was “Boys Holding Flowers” and so the members each came out with a rose.

This was the first time fans have seen leader Bang Yong Guk in a live broadcast since he temporarily halted activities with B.A.P this past October. As it was his first time in a while, Bang Yong Guk appeared to feel a bit awkward and, rather than saying much, quietly laughed at the things his fellow members were saying.

When the other members asked him to say something, Bang Yong Guk said, “Himchan’s flower died,” which caused his fellow members to burst out laughing.

In regards to the topic of the sexiest B.A.P member, member Daehyun said, “Himchan’s photos were really sexy, even from a guy’s perspective. His hair color looks really good on him,” complimenting Himchan on his fiery new hair color.

Himchan, however, selected Bang Yong Guk as the sexiest member in the group. He explained, “His monolid eyes are really sexy.” The rest of the members agreed and said, “The atmosphere of our music videos are different when Bang Yong Guk appears in them.”

The members stated that they changed their title track four times before deciding on “Wake Me Up” and revealed that “Dystopia” and “Diamond 4 Ya” were both potential choices for the title track of their new album.

B.A.P also revealed a behind-the-scenes video from the set of their music video for “Wake Me Up” as well as a a performance video of the song.

Meanwhile, B.A.P achieved an impressive ranking on the Worldwide iTunes Album Chart with their new album “Rose.”

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