Watch: GFRIEND Struggles With Trying Out A “Sexy” Concept On “Weekly Idol”

On March 8, girl group GFRIEND made their return to MBC’s “Weekly Idol!”

During the show, the MCs asked the girls if they would ever try out a “sexy” concept. Sowon immediately outed Eunha, saying, “Eunha has been wanting to do a sexier concept for a while.”

Eunha admitted, “I wanted to do it, but recently I’ve realized that it doesn’t suit me.” She said she realized this while trying out a sexier concept for a cover performance of another song.

The MCs encouraged her to try it again on the show, so Eunha gamely went ahead. However, her dance was more cute and awkward than sexy.

Afterwards, some of the other members also tried out “sexy” versions of their hit song “Rough.” SinB was up first but she ended up collapsing with laughter only a few seconds into the dance.

Next up was leader Sowon, who the MCs hyped as having a “sexy” gaze. Although she did her best, the MCs eventually decided that GFRIEND wasn’t ready for sexy concepts yet.

Check out their attempts below!