Watch: BTS Reenacts Funny Trick They Used To Make A Scene More Convincing In “Spring Day” MV

In addition to performing their goodbye stage for “Spring Day” on March 8’s episode of “Show Champion,” BTS also hosted their own interview!

Member Jungkook was chosen to be the day’s MC as a special event planned by the crew to celebrate his recent graduation from high school. As the guys sat on the set of their “Spring Day” performance, MC Jungkook read a comment off his cue card about how BTS has broken records for K-pop groups on Billboard, iTunes, and YouTube with their latest album, and asked his fellow members what has made the group so popular.

“I think we’ve been able to achieve such great results because ARMY loves us so much!” replied J-Hope.

bts j-hope

J-Hope then introduced the lyrical, contemporary dance-inspired choreography for “Spring Day,” and the guys had a great time watching Rap Monster performing one of Jimin’s parts in the dance. “That had a very different feeling!” commented J-Hope, before Jin quipped, “I’m not familiar with that dance!”

bts show champion spring day 2

Jungkook mentioned that many junior artists have been naming BTS as their role models lately, and Jimin said that although they’re always trying to do their best, it still feels strange to hear them being called senior artists or role models. “It also seems to be because of how quickly things change in the music industry,” said Suga, and Jimin said to the camera, “Let’s cheer each other on!”

bts jimin spring day

When asked by Jungkook to tell a funny story from the filming of their music video for “Spring Day,” Rap Monster replied, “It’s got to be Jungkook’s ‘train popping.'”

He explained that while they were in the set designed as a train to film “Spring Day,” Jungkook had been shaking in his seat to make it look like the train was moving along on tracks. Jungkook then reenacted his almost imperceptible but effective movements!

bts jungkook

J-Hope explained, “He acted like that in order to make it feel like a real train! We all ended up doing that too.” The guys then all bounced in their seats to show how they’d created the convincing group train scene.

Jin went on to crack up the others with an acrostic poem of “Spring Day,” and Jungkook wrapped things up by creating a nonsense rap with the title’s syllables, which even made Suga get up to do a goofy dance.

Watch the clip below!