Watch: GFRIEND Honors “Weekly Idol” Tradition And Dances “Fingertip” At Double The Speed

A GFRIEND appearance on MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol” wouldn’t quite be complete anymore without another take on the famous double-time challenge!

During the March 8 episode, the girl group once again attempted to dance one of their songs at twice the speed, this time with their newest title track, “Fingertip.”

MC Jung Hyung Don was introducing the song when he insisted that they had to perform the song in double time, since “they’ve succeeded at dancing at twice the speed in past appearances.”

While they seemed like they were having a mental breakdown at the prospect, GFRIEND quickly prepared themselves for the challenge. With their game faces on, the girls were ready to show why they are known as the originators of this corner.

Constantly moving, they successfully finished the difficult challenge, executing their energetic and powerful choreography at the faster speed. While they were out of breath and chugging water, GFRIEND looked proud of being able to finish another song at double its speed.

Watch the fantastic attempt below!

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