BTS Shows Their Love For Suga On His Birthday

BTS is celebrating the birthday of their designated genius, Suga!

March 9 is Suga’s 24th birthday (in Western reckoning), and at midnight KST, the group’s official Twitter shared a photo of Suga covered in messages and sketches from BTS, that show both their love for their second eldest member as well as plenty of their funny inside jokes.

The scribbles include lots of “Happy birthday” comments as well as drawings of Suga himself, his beloved dog Holly, a “Wooper pokémon that looks like Suga,” lamb skewers roasting with the message “It’s time to go, Suga,” and much more.

In addition to the usual official posting of fun drawings and messages, the members of BTS also have a tradition of tweeting photos on each other’s birthdays. At the time of publishing, J-Hope is the only one to take part in the tradition so far, but he’s posted lots of great shots of himself with Suga, delighting fans with a look at the history of the self-proclaimed “Sope” duo.

The photos showcase their close friendship over the years as they span all the way back from when they were trainees in 2011, through their early years after debut, to the shooting of their jacket photos for their latest album “You Never Walk Alone” this year.

Meanwhile, the hashtag “HappySugaDay” has been trending worldwide for several hours on Twitter, and even became the No. 2 trend, as fans continue to express their love and wish him a great day.

Happy birthday, Suga!


A few minutes before 5 a.m. KST, Jimin tweeted a photo he took with “Yoonji” (with himself mostly cropped out) from the group’s recent episode of “Run BTS!” in which Suga dressed up as female transfer student “Min Yoonji.”

Jimin wrote in the caption, “Yoonji, who’s sleeping. When you get up, I’ll give you a present. Hurry and get up. Happy birthday.”


At around 7:20 a.m. KST, Jin tweeted a photo of Suga and J-Hope eating and wished Suga a happy birthday!


The remaining guys of BTS have now all joined in the fun!

Jungkook tweeted an epic video in the morning on March 9, V shared another photo of “Yoonji” from the “Run BTS!” set, and Rap Monster unearthed a few photos of Suga from long ago.

Suga also tweeted a selfie and wrote in the caption, “Thank you to everyone who’s wished me a happy birthday!”