Watch: B.A.P Takes Fans To Chilly, But Energy-Filled Set Of Latest Track “Wake Me Up”

B.A.P has been seeing some pretty sweet results with their newest title track “Wake Me Up,” and recently shared an insider’s look into what went on during the filming of its music video!

Daehyun started things off with a lively introduction, as the scenes showed the members working hard despite the cold weather. Knowing when to turn on their fierce charisma, B.A.P smoothly made the transition when needed throughout filming.

They never lost their spirits however, as they joked around how it’s “their first music video…..of 2017,” and “it’s a.m. 4.” Youngjae didn’t forget to reveal certain secrets to viewers, and spilled how Himchan “was wearing shoe lifts.”

At one point, Jongup hilariously broke a part of the set, without meaning to. He had eagerly jumped onto a bed, only to crack a part of the frame below. The next time he sat on the bed, he sat on it so gingerly it was like he was attempting to float in the air.

The video also showed the members during the photo shoot for their jacket images, in addition to showing behind-the-scenes of the music video.

Watch the whole clip below!