7 Reasons Why Henry Is The Complete Package

Super Junior-M’s Henry is popular for his innumerable talents. You probably know that he’s a master at playing the violin, but did you know that he can speak six languages? Here is a quick summary of some of his most prominent talents.

1. Language skills

henry language

Born to a Taiwanese mother and Hong Kongese father, Henry is a Chinese-Canadian who can speak Korean, English, Cantonese, Mandarin, French, and Thai.

2. Playing musical instruments

henry violinhenry piano

Henry started to play the piano since he was five and the violin since he was six. When he was in high school, he participated in a competition at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto and took first place with the violin and second place with the piano.

3. Dance

henry dance 3

After just one year of learning to pop (dance), Henry won an award at a distinguished dance competition. Then, after graduating from high school, he was about to major in Music Performance at University of Toronto, but he had to turn down the offer in order to join SM Entertainment.

4. Educational background


Henry attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music with full scholarship. As mentioned previously, he also received an offer for a spot in University of Toronto’s music program.

5. Tennis

henry tennis

Back when he was in school, Henry was a tennis player who placed 23rd in Canada’s national ranking. He previously appeared on KBS2’s “Cool Kiz on the Block” and showcased his tennis skills.

6. Cooking

henry cooking

henry cooking 2

Henry recently starred in MBC’s “I Live Alone” and gave fans a look at his cooking abilities. Apparently, he took lessons from TV star chef Lee Yeon Bok and practiced three to four hours everyday. Viewers were both surprised and impressed by his flashy frying pan tricks.

7. Variety show skills

henry real men

Henry receives the most love for bringing laughs on variety shows. Thanks to his unpredictable and dorky side, viewers cannot help but have a great time whenever Henry is on TV. His most prominent appearances were MBC’s “Real Men” and “We Got Married” and KBS’s “Happy Together.”

Did you know he could do all of this?

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*A previous version of the article incorrectly identified “Happy Together” as SBS’s show.