Kim Won Hae Steals The Spotlight In “Chief Kim” And “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”

Kim Won Hae may not be one of the lead actors in the dramas he is in, but he sure does know how to steal the spotlight whenever he’s on screen.

Actor Kim Won Hae is currently in both KBS2’s “Chief Kim” and JTBC’s “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.” Despite not being a lead, Kim Won Hae has become imperative to the narratives of both dramas with his unforgettable presence and skillful acting. His acting is garnering even more attention because his respective roles in the two dramas are polar opposites of each other.

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In “Chief Kim,” Kim Won Hae is playing the role of Chu Nam Ho, who is the head of the accounting department, and acts as a strong supporting character for Namgoong Min’s Kim Sung Ryong. Not only does he play an integral part in the development of Namgoong Min’s character, but he also conveys the loneliness of being a “goose father,” which is a Korean term that refers to a father who works in Korea while the rest of his family live in an English-speaking country for his children’s education.

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On the other hand, in “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” the actor plays a character that is very unlike his warm, relatable role in “Chief Kim.” In the JTBC drama, Kim Won Hae plays the role of Kim Kwang Bok, a gangster who provokes Do Bong Soon early on in the drama and is, consequently, put in his place by the supernaturally strong female lead. After facing the wrath of Do Bong Soon’s Herculean strength, Kim Won Hae’s character becomes filled with thoughts of getting revenge. Despite his villainous goal, the actor’s expressions and acting convey a much more comical performance to viewers.

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Meanwhile, both dramas have been experiencing incredible success, with “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” achieving an unprecedented 8.3 percent rating and “Chief Kim” scoring its highest rating two episodes in a row last week. Plus, check out the new romantic stills from “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” that are sparking curiosity amongst viewers!

Have you been loving his roles in both dramas?

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