Update: New Group Seven O’Clock Hypes Debut With Second Teaser Video For “ECHO”

Update March 13 KST:

Seven O’Clock has dropped a second official teaser for their title track “ECHO,” providing more glimpses into their debut music video.

Let us know what you think about this teaser, and if you’re excited to see what this new group will bring!

Update March 10 KST:

After revealing their plans to debut, new boy group Seven O’Clock has also released an official teaser video for their title track “ECHO” on YouTube!

Check out the teaser below!


seven o'clock

Upcoming boy group Seven O’Clock is only days away from making their debut!

The six-member group will begin promoting their debut single “ECHO,” the title track on their first mini album “Butterfly Effect,” on March 16.

Seven O’Clock consists of leader A-Day, Vaan, Hyun, Young Hoon, Jung Gyu, and Tae Young. According to a source from the boys’ agency STARO Entertainment, the group’s name was chosen because they “want to provide everyone with happiness through song from the start of their day (7 a.m.) to the end of the day (7 p.m.).” The agency also added that the members want their music to heal people’s hearts and give them hope.

Seven O'Clock

Ahead of their debut, the group has been garnering fans on several social media accounts, including an official YouTube page featuring individual introductions personally recorded by each member.

“Butterfly Effect” will consist of five tracks, including an instrumental. The genre of their debut single “ECHO” has been described as “tropical house.” Leader A-Day also played a part in the production of the album, showing off his abilities as a songwriter with the track “Time Machine.”

Are you excited for Seven O’Clock’s debut?

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