Block B’s Sister Agency Reveals Plans To Debut First Female Soloist LUCY

A new female solo artist will be debuting soon!

On March 9, a source from KQ Produce stated, “LUCY has signed an exclusive contract with us. She is the first female artist in our agency and is the third solo artist to debut after Babylon and EDEN. She will be releasing her debut track in the middle of March.”


LUCY’s agency KQ Produce is an affiliated label of KQ Entertainment, which is also affiliated with Block B’s agency Seven Seasons. LUCY previously wrote the lyrics for Kwon Jin Ah’s part in EDEN’s debut track “I’m Still.” She has also taken composition and lyric writing classes for a long time while preparing for her debut.


A source from her agency stated, “LUCY’s debut track is a track that stands out with its sophisticated and unique sound. Top featuring artists have participated in her track.”


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