Park Bo Gum And Kim Yuna Team Up For Coca-Cola’s 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Campaign

The nation’s most beloved actor and the queen of figure skating have teamed up for an epic collaboration. Park Bo Gum and Kim Yuna recently came together for a photo shoot with Coca-Cola, an official partner of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

Park Bo Gum Kim Yuna 2

The two were chosen as the spokespeople for Coca-Cola’s 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics campaign as they bring joy and excitement to people, and are loved by many in the nation, regardless of age or gender. Park Bo Gum and Kim Yuna’s recent photo shoot is for their upcoming promotional activities to encourage people to participate in the Olympics torch relay.

Park Bo Gum Kim Yuna

While Park Bo Gum expressed various looks of excitement at holding the Olympics torch, Kim Yuna would give graceful smiles until she burst into laughter at the staff constantly telling her she looked pretty.

The duo also posed with Coca-Cola’s signature polar bear, and their laughter is said to have kept the atmosphere of the long photo shoot light and exciting.

Park Bo Gum

A representative of Coca-Cola stated, “Despite how long the photo shoot took, Kim Yuna and Park Bo Gum were energetic and proactive, keeping everyone laughing. The duo’s special chemistry is set to make Coca-Cola’s Pyeongchang Winter Olympics campaign one to anticipate.”

Kim Yuna

Kim Yuna and Park Bo Gum’s campaign for Coca-Cola will be available on “Coke Play,” a mobile application created by the company that will receive applications for the Olympics torch relay, provide information about the Olympics, and hold various events for consumers.

Kim Yuna Park Bo Gum

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