Haha Gets Tricked By An Unexpected Person On “I Can See Your Voice”

On the March 9 episode of Mnet’s “I Can See Your Voice,” Haha and Skull appeared as guests. The show tries to guess from lip synced performances which contestants are good singers and which contestants are faking it till they make it.

During the episode, Haha picked Contestant #5 as the tone-deaf singer, who then revealed that he was a student of Haha’s older sister, Ha Ju Ri, who is a music professor.

Haha I can see your voice

Before the final round, Haha called his older sister to get her opinion. Ha Ju Ri told him, “He’s my favorite student. He sings really well. I like his style too.”

However, Contestant #5 turned out to be tone-deaf, as per Haha’s original guess, and a rapper in the hip-hop duo Strike. It turned out that he wasn’t even a student of Ha Ju Ri at all, and Haha’s sister had completely fooled him.

Watch Haha’s reaction to the final round below!

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