Here’s How Korea Is Reacting To Park Geun Hye’s Removal From Office

March 10, 2017, history was made in South Korea as Park Geun Hye — also the nation’s first female president — became the first Korean president to be impeached and removed from office.

After months of peaceful protest in the country, celebration abounds. Here is how Koreans are reacting to the news:

The solidarity continues:

“Park Geun Hye (66, unemployed)”

When Trump’s words were kind of useful:

“Go home and get a job! Go home! Get a job! Get a job!”

Kind of useful, part 2:

“You’re FIRED.”


Dreams really do come true:

“I had a dream, and Park Geun Hye had been impeached and was in prison. She had lost all color in her hair and it was all white. Is this a crap dream? TT March 13, 2013

(in the picture below, behind Park Geun Hye) “A country where my dreams come true.”

(below picture) “Yup, a country where your dreams come true.”

Justice literally rolling in.

Chief justice Lee Jung Mi was seen rolling in to the Constitutional Court on Friday in rollers.


“Do you hear the people sing?”

“A song that you have to listen to on a day like this.”

From: The people — To: Park Geun Hye


When you’re just feelin’ good:

“Impeached. Just RT this. Will give to three people.”

Nationwide chicken party~~

“Retweet and we’ll pick five people by midnight!”

Public service: Chicken restaurant phone numbers

Impromptu holiday

“So our CEO said

“At around 10:30 a.m.

“That if it’s impeachment we can all go home

“So we’re all going home now hahaha”


Sogang University group chat public notice:

“Celebration: Sogang University creates first impeached president in history of constitutional government”

Celebrities are also celebrating:

2PM’s Chansung: “Pull [them] out at the roots.”

miss A’s Min: “Impeachment, unanimous vote. So I’m gonna order chicken…. #Celebration #Unanimous #History #20170310

Paloalto: “Democracy”

Park Geun Hye was removed from office immediately upon the official announcement on Friday (March 10), and Korea will be holding an election in the next 60 days for the next president of the Republic of Korea.

In the meantime, chicken party.

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