SF9 Releases New Version Of Mini-Album “Burning Sensation” In Taiwan

On March 10, SF9 released their first mini-album “Burning Sensation” in Taiwan. This version of their mini-album was specifically made for the Taiwan release and includes a Chinese version of the group’s R&B ballad “Still My Lady.”

The album contains seven tracks, including their title track “Roar,” and will come with new random photo cards as well as exclusive merchandise for a limited number of fans.

SF9 performed at the “2017 Super Song Festival” on Taiwan’s public broadcasting service TTV in January and gained many Taiwanese fans through their appearance. The group is receiving a considerable amount of media attention and is being recognized globally for their potential, despite being a rookie group.

The group’s music video for “Roar” topped the YinYueTai V-Chart, China’s major music video chart, on the day of its release and remained in first place for the weekly chart as well.

Meanwhile, members Rowoon and Dawon were special MCs on this week’s episode of “The Show,” where the group also performed “Roar.”